Audit PBC

Collaborate like never before.

PBC Requests is the latest add-on in our suite of job management tools within the CaseWare Cloud platform.

The tool allows firms and individual engagement teams to seamlessly communicate with clients, securely manage client requests, and streamline the workflow of obtaining information from clients.

Every market has it’s own specifics and for that reason there will be their specific PBC apps(like Audit Croatia PBC,Audit Serbia PBC etc) which integrate with their market specific desktop Audit templates and those are developed and maintained by CaseWare Adria.

Slide 1 - enhanced client communication
Enhanced Client Communication

- Easily manage and track requests and files for clients
- Align client requests with engagement status
- Securely communicate with clients, in real time, in one location
- Respond to requests individually or group requests as a collection
- Quickly and securely send signed letters and supporting documents to the client using the built-in query system

Slide 2 - platform integration
Platform Integration

- Working directly within the engagement file, users are able to build and send information requests to clients
- “Receive” function retrieves accepted documents from the linked file and adds them to the Document Manager within Working Working Papers
- Work on an engagement within one browser - embedded in Working Papers or in a separate browser

Slide 3 - improved visibility
Improved Visibility

- Easily manage the workflow and, similarly, client requests with automatic status tracking
- Create transparency with real time, electronic status updates

Slide 4 - Automated Engagement Tailoring
Automated Engagement Tailoring

- Transfer your Trial Balance from desktop to your Cloud engagement using CloudBridge
-Cloud engagement is automatically tailored to applicable sections/queries which actually have a balance

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CaseWare Audit PBC Features

Centralized Client Requests

With the built-in client query system, all communications and supporting documents are securely sent, received, and stored so client requests can be easily managed.


Customizable Content

Flexible content which can be used as-is or can be highly customized to meet the requirements of the firm and the engagement.


Request Tracking

The status of a client request will automatically update at relevant points throughout the engagement. For example, status updates are triggered when there is an outstanding client request, or when the client has responded.


Platform Integration

Work on the engagement using the embedded Working Papers browser or a separate browser. View the Documents Manager and cloud engagement file, side-by-side within Working Papers.


Receive Function

With a single click, users are able to set – at a template level – where the documents will go within the Working Papers file.


Timed Client Requests

Effectively align client requests with the engagement status. This can be done by sending multiple, grouped requests at once, or responding to requests individually.

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