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Internal Audit

Internal audit is a core finance function within all types of organizations, from governments to large and small corporations. Yet, as you are working to evaluate the performance of your organization and improve the effectiveness of your risk management, governance and controls processes – you need to be efficient.

CaseWare can help you get the most out of your internal audit function. From giving you the same tools that your auditors use, to providing specific performance measurement tools, CaseWare can help you quickly identify performance issues so that you can make changes that will keep your organization successful and competitive.

CaseWare’s simple to use software is also highly collaborative, allowing your team to be more efficient, so you can get more done, faster.

Key Benefits


Easy Collaboration

Allow your team to collaborate in real-time so that activities are more efficient and cost effective.

Better Analytics

Integrate data from multiple sources so you can perform enhanced data analytics and better manage organizational performance.

Simplified Processes

Reduce manual workload and the possibility of inconsistencies through the use of a single data source.

Strong Controls

Use permissions and controls features to embed security protocols, manage access, and simplify reviews and approvals.

Improve efficiency through collaboration

Collaboration can help organizations be more efficient with their time and resources.

CaseWare takes collaborative working practices into real time. Our SmartSync technology allows members of your team to access files and work on statements and numbers in real time, reducing concerns over version control.

Organizations can also embed specific permissions and controls on specific documents to restrict access, manage approvals and ensure only appropriate people are working with specific materials.

Simplify Your Internal Audit Processes

Internal audit processes need to be reliable and highly accurate – but they don’t need to be complicated.

With CaseWare, internal audit processes are simplified. You can quickly amalgamate information from multiple sources (e.g. QuickBooks, SAP, etc.) into a single source without significant manual intervention. As information is populated, any outputs are also immediately updated – giving you real time access to analytics. When you spend less time on process, you can spend more time on identifying ways to enhance your organization’s performance.

Analyze Performance With Ease

Many organizations struggle with how to analyze significant amounts of data in order to identify performance metrics, issues and roadblocks.

CaseWare makes performance measurement easy. Whether you are a financial professional or accountant, you can use CaseWare’s IDEA Data Analysis platform to review performance metrics and develop regular performance reports without the need for significant resources. IDEA will easily allow you to import information from across multiple data sources to ensure dashboards are accurate and consistent – so that you can make business recommendations with confidence.

Effective Tracking

Managing and tracking issues arising in the course of doing an audit, is critical to the quality and efficiency of the audit process.

CaseWare works to manage issues efficiently and effectively, so that more time is focused on key areas.

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