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Customer Support & Training

Beside customer support to existing clients concerning CaseWare applications, CaseWare Adria offers additonal services of technical implementation if contracted separately with client, within the areas that clients have often issues with like: O/S and hardware requirements, Intranet, backup, Local networking on field, installing software, we offer our services as follows:

-System Optimization Service – based on contact with the client and preferabily with the most accurate informations provided of the present status of the  IT system,
-Suggestions what improvements can be applied to the existing system, sharing our  know-how regarding the use of hardware
-Technical support during oftware installation

In addition to the aforementioned technical services, CaseWare Adria also offers trainings for software usage, which are prepared on various levels depending on users needs. Also the users can request custom tailored trainings covering areas of their specific interest.


Trainings can be organized according to request:

On-Site – Client premises or our location

Online-over the Internet, using the services provided below for education.

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2016 Time Integration

If you are currently using Time 2013.00.60 or higher you can integrate your Time data with CaseWare Cloud to leverage new features and functionality. In the case that it is integrated with CaseWare cloud, you can use the time functions such as setting the time/cost and setting up and managing your customers, personnel and contacts directly through CaseWare Cloud from any device.