Ensure you and your team have up-to-the-minute client information by syncing working files to maintain momentum whilst out in the field

How can your audit team work more effectively when on location?

CaseWare SmartSync is a powerful bolt-on tool for CaseWare, enabling audit teams in different locations to synchronise and update their work via CaseWare Cloud, but without the constraints of having to be online 24/7.

Whether you’re online or offline, at a client site or at the airport, SmartSync lets you collaborate with confidence. Team members can now work on and review local copies of a client file in real-time, with all data synced automatically in the background.

The Next Generation of Audit Collaboration

Boost Efficiency

CaseWare SmartSync enables team members to work on local copies of a client file in real-time with each file being synchronised automatically in the background. Losing momentum whilst waiting for team members to return to the office with the latest information will be eradicated. If you cannot be logged onto the web all day, your changes will be updated the next time you connect to a network.

Gain Momentum in Your Audit Engagements

CaseWare AuditAdvanced with SmartSync speeds up and streamlines your audit process. Team members can actively collaborate on the same client file in real-time without the requirement of checking files in and out when they get back to the office. Via CaseWare Cloud, SmartSync replicates any changes to the whole team at once, providing everyone with up-to-the-minute engagement information.

Work Together – From Anywhere

Staff are no longer required to be tethered to their desks in order to get work done. Whether you are online or offline, SmartSync enables you to collaborate with confidence. Staff can do more on the go and individuals from multiple locations can work together without the need for being in the same place at the same time.
Source:Source: CaseWare UK