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Choosing a financial software solution

With businesses increasingly reliant on technology, choosing the right financial software is an important task for accounting practices who may be overwhelmed by choice and lacking the technological know-how to make a full assessment of their requirements. For smaller firms […]

6 Weaknesses Of Spreadsheet-Based CAFR Solutions

You may be familiar¬†with the expression “Lipstick on a pig”. Variations of the expression date back nearly 130 years but the meaning has not changed; Superficial improvements that do not change the underlying nature of something. Spreadsheets by any other […]

Audit in the era of the cloud

Cloud-based software is quickly becoming a cost-effective, scalable and adaptable solution for auditing firms with varying levels of service requirements. Locating business operations in the cloud means continuous access for both clients and auditors, greater capacity, and reduced costs in […]