Solution Time

Less Work - More Time to Be Effective.


CaseWare Time provides powerful tools that can help you be more productive. With real-time, multi-user functionality, no one needs to wait to enter time information, process billings, or manage receivables. Automated and easy-to-use tools also make it easy to conduct relevant analytics and manage workflows.

Any information input into  CaseWare Time immediately flows through to where it is needed, reducing manual work effort. You can also choose to link information from calendar programs and Working Papers to streamline work further and ensure no time is missed or forgotten.

With the option to fully integrate Time with CaseWare Cloud, managing offsite time management and expenses becomes simple. Wherever your people are, they can access the solution in real-time, input time or receipts, and manage client contacts and billing.

Key Features

Real-time Processes

Time and billing processes work in real-time – no uploads or batch processing. Entered information automatically flows to billing and other relevant locations.

Multi-user Functionality

Make everyone more efficient through multi-user functionality. Different people can easily enter time, conduct billings or manage receivables simultaneously.

Strong Practice Management Tools

Manage your practice more effectively using enhanced workflow management, data analytics, client contact management and powerful batch emailing features.

Cloud Compatible

Choose to integrate Time with CaseWare Cloud to allow your people to enter information and manage billing and receivables from anywhere at any time.

Automated Document Creation

Quickly create invoices and other documents using automated features – and easily manage review, approval, and distribution to your clients.

Integrate with Calendar and Engagement Files

Enhance your user experience and reduce administration by using the cloud to integrate Time, Google Calendar and engagement files to provide automatic timesheet tracking.

CaseWare Time

CaseWare Time has everything you need to manage your practice easily and efficiently. Experience easy time and expense entry, at-a-glance monitoring, improved billing, numerous ready-to-use reports, and powerful project and contact management.

Be effective wherever you are with CaseWare Cloud