Overview and compilation

More Focus. Greater Accuracy.The Power of Automation.

Review and Compilation

Accounting firms are under pressure to do more with fewer resources.

Caseware Review leverages the power of automation to streamline review and compilation assignments. When combined with CaseWare Working Papers, Review becomes a powerful and efficient solution.

With Caseware Review, you gain extensive functionality, including access to tools and checklists to help keep engagements running efficiently and a library of standard review procedures you can leverage to complete engagements. Our solution has undergone significant peer review in order to ensure it is reliable and a strong facet of a quality control system.

With easy access to financial statements, work programs, and work papers, you can even review part of a file as other team members work on other sections.

Key Benefits


Trusted Process

Be entrusted with the process by leveraging a solution that has been subjected to significant external examination (eg, AICPA National national Review Commission)


Engagement Optimization

Tailor your engagement plan to the requirements of your client using CaseWare’s Optimizer.


Review Anywhere

CaseWare Review allows you to review files, annotate documents, and identify issues from anywhere at anytime.


Leverage Automation

Automatically generate financial reports, master tables, and proportions by filling out the test balance.


Optimizirajte svoje procese angažmana

It can be easily avoided when conducting an engagement for review and compilation. Holding attention while focusing on risk areas is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of your work, and the remaining time effectively.

CaseWare Review helps you simplify your engagements by using the built-in CaseWare optimization tool to develop an overview process tailored specifically to the needs of the engagements you are working on. This helps you improve the effectiveness of the get-go. With CaseWare preview, you can use automatic documents to generate reports, proportions, and master tables from the balance on your customer's account. This gives you access to better insights that you can offer your clients valuable information for their strategic decision-making.

A trial balance can be manually created or imported from a large number of accounting systems. Viewing and recording documents can be a difficult task, especially when the process of reviewing is manual.

With CaseWare preview, you can work through documents and view the files efficiently. Use our wide range of notes tools to add comments, tags, document links, hyperlinks to Excel/Word, and identify problems within a file.

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