Audit Croatia

Audit Croatia

Audit Croatia - templates for the Croatian market

Since the CaseWare audit solution relating to the auditing template is a very flexible product, it is possible, with the existing structure and appearance, to perform a large number of adjustments to each user individually, satisfying by its actual and specific Needs. The auditing template (audit template) is based on the original version on the audit International version containing the guidelines of CPA (Certified Professional Accountant of Canada) on the application of International auditing standards issued by IAASB.

Since Adria it Solutions as an authorised distributor adjusts its templates to each individual market, in the case of Audit Croatia, certain changes in certain parts of the template structure are made by approaching the same market requirements Republic of Croatia.

Key Features


Risk and Control Tracking

Leverage CaseWare software’s library of risks, controls and management letters to better manage risks and ensure appropriate controls.


Audit Optimizer

Leverage CaseWare’s built-in Audit Optimizer so your team can start an audit with a file that has been tailored specifically for the engagement.


Roll Forward Files

Increase efficiency leveraging our extensive logic process to roll-forward selected information related to your client;


Constellation: Giving the Big Picture

Better manage engagement activities by using Constellation to take audit data points and graphically demonstrate linkages.


Flexible Trial Balance

Populate the trial balance to automatically generate financial statements, leadsheets, and ratios.


Real Time Collaboration

Make your team more efficient using real-time collaboration tools that reduce non-working time.

Audit Croatia

Adria It Solutions has conducted a localization of audit template Audit International translation into Croatian language, and changes in the structure of the template itself to achieve better coherence for the territory of Croatia.

Although all documents are retained and translated in relation to the original template, this also applies to the work programs that are included with each section, however this does not mean that a template as such in its essence cannot be changed, since it itself is a very flexible proi A zvod that allows each society to adapt in the way that it is most appropriate and aligned with the methodology and standards of society, the network or organization it belongs to.

Adjusted Mapping Structure

The mapping structure within the audit template is adapted to the legislative framework of the Republic of Croatia pursuant to legal changes (OG 95/16, of 20. October 2016, 2001. and the new Ordinance on the structure and contents of annual financial statements for entrepreneurs from the real sector and aiming to harmonization of the structure of financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) contained within the Audit Croatia template.

Automated Statements and Working Papers

The Mappinga structure that is inserted to comply with the legislative framework of the Republic of Croatia is ultimately used to form automatic forms, in this case a balance sheet report and a profit and loss account. Also the structure of mapping and groupings is used to form the automated leading working papers, which are located within each section of the document manager.

Risk & Control tracking

The review template contains the ability to follow, enter and connect risks, controls and issues for reporting, and a quick overview and printing ready to be delivered to the customer.

Take advantage of CaseWare Riskspace which serves as a large base of already existing examples of risks, controls and issues for reporting ready for withdrawal and import in your engagement.

Audit template for Non-profit organizations

Whereas in recent years, there have been increased care for non-profit organizations in Croatia and that they are the same since 2015. By changing the regulatory criteria of the height of revenues became a taxpayer of audits or auditing insights, a template was created for non-profit organizations, which uses the functionalities of work documents equal to those in the Audit Croatia template.

Take advantage of the automatic mapping feature on the basis of the unified Chart of accounts for non-profit, and click to arrange presets of balance sheets, Prras and automatic working papers on a one-clicking, do not waste time on administration, use it to work on the engagement Client.

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